Saturday, February 7, 2009

Riders and Outlaws

The Midnight Riders and American Outlaws will be joining forces in Columbus Ohio next week for the US/Mexico World Cup Qualifying match. Gamesmanship is always part of this tournament and the US plays it well. The weather and fan base in Columbus will give the US a very friendly venue that could not happen in places like Miami or LA, or Dallas for that matter. Boston and Columbus have always been the home field of US Soccer.

Many will be gathering Tuesday evening in the Brewery district for a bit of imbibing and the like. For example
US vs. Mexico at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH
7:00 PM Eastern, ESPN2

Night Before (Tuesday night):
1. Ruby Tuesday Bar (not the chain restaurant)
1978 Summit St, Columbus, OH?
---This is the local hang out of the Hudson Street Hooligans, which on Tuesday night will be hosting a band, with drink specials, pizza, $1 whiskey shots and $5 all you can drink bud light and amber bach. The bar is also youth friendly, which means any and all ages are welcome (obviously under 21 cant drink). This is where American Outlaws will be, if you are looking to pickup your tickets.
more about the gathering

This midnightrider is hoping to meet and have a cold one with our fellow bike blogger, Jamie in Columbus. Anyone else in the area is welcome to contact me. I'm always open the meeting new people especially under the influence of $1 shots of whiskey. Kind of "Old West" you know.

If you are a fan of any sport, you can appreciate "road games". And big games like this add that much more to the experience.

One of the intentions of US Soccer was to have the weather be a factor in the match. Last time Mexico played here in Feb 2001, temp at kickoff was 22F. This time however the forcast is for fifty and a chance of rain. But 2-0 at twenty two degrees is the same as 2-0 at fifty degrees. 2-0 is my predition BTW.


  1. Well have fun and I hope your prediction is on the money.

  2. Sounds like a fun crowd. Wish I could make it.