Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Days in Columbus

Long johns...check
winter hat...check
wool socks...check
rain gear.....? Who needs rain gear?

Columbus is a pretty neat city. This was my third trip but actually the first time I had seen the city, spending the day walking around taking in the sights. Very touristy if I say so myself. Unlike the past, getting hammered on booze, was not part of the equation. One bourbon on Tuesday night was the extent of it. However if I had gone to Ruby Tuesday's as I intended I would not have been caught in this For a little longer version check out this video, and imagine being out in the parking lot with no cover.

Back to the city for now. This really looked like a very bike friendly downtown. Wide roads, very little traffic, and the bikes I did see, were moving along just fine.

Oh, and the game? Strickmatic727 made a great video of the match


  1. You are the man! Maybe you should move to Vegas and make millions predicting spreads.

  2. Hey Midnight Rider, long time, no comment.

    And as for USMNT matches, my boys and I are prolly (no tix yet) heading to the US/Trinidad and Tobago game in Nashville at the end of March. It's only a 2+ hr drive and I figure it's the closest a game like that will feature in our neck of the woods. I'm impressed you traveled from MA to Columbus for the Mexico tie.

    Great result, that one, and good luck on your summer tour. My ambition is to do a S24O or 2, and maybe, just maybe, a 2-nighter.