Monday, February 16, 2009

Summer Tour

I have been baiting friends and family to do a bike tour this summer. Two years ago, wifey and I did Austria Last year #3 son joined me on the Erie Canal. Now however, I can't get anyone to commit or even ask the dates, which could be construded as a possibility.

I came across a group ride sponsored by The Rails to Trails Conservancy, and decided to take the plunge. The Greenway Sojurn, is a four day tour beginning in Williamsport, PA, riding an average of fifty miles a day, ending in Wellsboro, PA.

The route of the Greenway Sojourn will focus on the 64-mile Pine Creek Rail Trail, which parallels the creek through the heart of the Pine Creek Gorge. The rail-trail follows the path of a 19th century railroad that hauled lumber out from the valley.

A 2001 article in USA Today named the Pine Creek Rail Trail one of "10 great places to take a bike tour" in the world. Now in 2009, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy offers you and your family the opportunity to join us on a four-day adventure through this amazing natural area.

The Pine Creek Valley
Pine Creek itself is 82 miles of spring-fed, trout-laden water, the largest tributary of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. The creek path meanders through a beautiful valley with mountains rising more than 1,000 feet on either side. Because of this extreme geographic setting, the valley is nicknamed "the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania," a part of which is designated a National Natural Landmark and PA Scenic River. The waters of Pine Creek have been rated at High or Exceptional Value by the Department of Environmental Protection.

I may take in a visit to Susquehanna Hat Company

The tour is limited to 250 riders and I'm hoping my application was received in time to get me registered.


  1. I really would like to do the Route Verte this year but I'm waiting to see if I'll still have a job.

  2. Damn, now I know why you asked about Williamsport. Looks like it'll be a great ride. It's full now, alas. I will probably go ride there some time anyway is it's only a few hours' drive away. Looking forward to your tour reports!