Friday, February 20, 2009

The Oscar Goes To.....

I am looking forward to the Academy Award Show on Sunday night. The biggest reason is to get some insight on movies that did not make it big, and the independent and documentaries that are unknown till academy night. I also like to see how my pics fare.

Best Actress:

Angelina Jolie ("Changleing") Meryl Streep, ("Doubt"), and Kate Winslet ( "The Reader")

My pick. Kate Winslet.

Best Actor: Brad Pitt ("Benjamin Butons"), Sean Penn ("Milk), and Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Doubt").

My pick. Sean Penn


Best Movie:

My top three. "The Reader", "Milk", "The Wrestler" and "Slumdog Millionaire".

My Pick....Slumdog Millionaire.




I have to go with "Religious"


There were a few "wasted money" movies I saw as well as some pretty decent movies that did not get any nominations.

There are a couple I intend to see but it will be too late to rate for Sunday's Awards show. "Frozen River", "Frost/Nixon" to name a couple. There are also those that did not show any appeal to me personally, and I have no intention of seeing them. CIA/FBI shootouts, animation, war movies, kiddie horror, and animals. For those movies, I'll leave my seat for the younger generations.

I watch the Oscars every year, and am interested in the outcomes, but I really can't remember the last time I watched much of the show. I'll be using the "clicker" a lot.

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