Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slow and Steady

Been having hip problems for a month and finally got into the Dr. office. Xray shows some pretty bad arthritis in my lower back and lots of inflammation. Biking is not a problem luckily. Walking can get testy and getting out of a chair after extended time at work is very painful. The hip was radiating pain from the back. It's tough at times but not debilitating fortunately. Lots of core work in my schedule now.

I begin a ten day medication regiment to ease the arthritis in the morning. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow I will get the Giant (road bike) ready to take over the commuting duties. The Marin is a tank, but is really good on bad roads and hard pack trails.

Still riding in the dark for the inbound commute. Another two or three weeks of that. Not that it matters much because there is so little traffic. But it's difficult to get going when it's dark and cold.


  1. That's very fortunate the biking won't be a problem for your hip! I hope the meds/exercise will help ease the pain soon. You are amazing getting out to commute on those dark, cold mornings while dealing with pain too!!

  2. Sorry to hear that! Good think cycling is not a problem.

  3. It's always one thing or another...isn't it. Take care...happy commuting!