Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to the Old Route

I decided to return to the 11 mile commute today. Gradually working myself into rising at 5AM over the past few weeks made today's early start pretty easy. I was able to extinguish my lights about a mile into the ride.

When I began commuting a few years ago I did not know the layout of the city. With that I pretty much rode the same roads that I drove when going to work. I did eventually find better and less traveled routes. Today I decided to return on the original ride back to the car, from 2003.
Reed and Barton, a silver company built their factory on the Taunton River. They placed dams, to control the flow, that are now beginning to cause problems. The center of town was evacuated two years ago when heavy rains threatened to overwhelm one of the dams. Everything turned out ok, and that one has been bypassed. But there are still a few others that it's only a matter of time before they also become a problem.

The water runs through the factory property and actually runs through a couple of the buildings. Waste was dumped from the shops into the river for many many years.

The old route had some places that I struggled with. Those hills that gave me so much grief back then were actually very mild. One in particular I practically coasted up today. I guess my technique was pretty bad, and I can remember doing lots of mashing on the hills.

The shortcut through the cemetery is still the last quiet part of the ride before battle with heavy rush hour traffic. Everyone is in a hurry to get to the red light and wait. As soon as it turns green the engines rev, the horns blast and the yelling to move it asshole, begins. Ten minutes of this and I'm back on a wide country road for final push to the park and ride. That's where I get in my car and get to remind other drivers what assholes they are. MOVE IT, DICK HEAD!!!!


  1. Cool scenery! The whole "rushing to get to a red light" phenomenon annoys me more than anything else about drivers. It demonstrates a lack of thoughtfulness toward life that's pretty sad when you think about it.

  2. Other than that bit at the light, sounds like a great route! When I saw your pics, especially the one of the bridge, I remembered the flooding scare being covered on the news. Those old mill buildings are amazing, all the different roof lines and light and shadow. And it's awesome that the hills don't seem so hard anymore!

  3. Dear Mr. Midnight rider,
    I am in the community newspaper class at the Standard times and would like to research an article on bike commuting a year after the gas prices inspired many. If you have time I would like to interview you as you seem to have been commuting for some time and might have some interesting perspectives and advice. I can be reached at thank you in advance.