Monday, April 13, 2009

Working Weekend

Had every intention of riding to work both days this past weekend. Rain on Saturday and cold wind on Sunday kept me in bed the extra hour.

Easter has dropped off the holiday list since the kids have grown and left the state. I did hide a box of peeps in the microwave for wifey. She has always loved them, not for the candy but because they are so cute. I went to the market Saturday night and was dismayed when they had no yellow ones left. A nice woman who works there had put aside a box and let me buy it. I ended up having a plate of fresh asparagus with pectorino cheese for Easter supper . That was plenty good enough for me.

The commute was cold again this morning. 34F at the beginning and my toes began feeling cold about a 1/2 mile from work. Unlike last week, I was ready for the early morning temperature.

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