Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The New Bike Transporter

I have owned a Vibe for quite a few years. It's the right car for the way I use a car. The bike fits inside nicely, without any disassebling. I can camp in the back, and it's great for transporting the dogs. In short, it's perfect for my lifestyle. I wanted to look for the best deal on another Vibe but Sue insisted that we look around. I spent some time shopping after that decision. Mazda, Toyota and Pontiac.

I have to think of the passengers

I narrowed my decision to a Vibe and a Toyota Matrix. The Matrix is the same car with a different name plate stuck on it. Now it came down to price and workmanship. It was time to submit an internet requests for quotes from a few dealers.

Saturday I got an offer of $5000 off two 2009 Vibes with all of my criteria. 1.8L engine, air, power windows, cruise control and a cd player. On the way I stopped at the Toyota dealer and told him what I had in mind. Toyota offered me a used 2009 for more money than the new Vibe. I did get warnings from the high pressure sales force at Toyota about the hazzards of buying a GM. "What are you going to do when you need new windshield wipers"? I thanked him for his concerns and left the property completely disgusted with the dealership and it's sales tactics.

The real clincher though was that the Vibe was Union made. I'll take that any day over a non union product. After all, I have to consider the safety and quality of work. So, the Vibe won out, with three months of XM radio and one year of OnStar complimentary. Nice. I fell better every day about my decision and really have no worries about the problems GM is experiencing right now. They will recover and do just fine. I also really think the Vibe will be around under another name once the Pontiac division is closed.

When the time comes for the new winshield wipers, I'll go to AutoZone like I always have.

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  1. Thanks! I love our Vibe, but need to replace our second car. I'm looking for another new Vibe. Your thoughts were very helpful and I agree with you that they will bounce back.