Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Spin

Sue and I decided to go for a long ride on this sunny Sunday on the South Coast of Massachusetts. Sue has also gotten back into running and we took a detour to get the mileage of her route. That took us east on the new section of the Mattapoisett MUP.

We rode the 1.6 miles to the turnaround and decided to detour down Brandt Island Rd. I rode it last week and this time brought the camera.

The wind picket up the clouds rolled in and it really looked like we were in for a humdinger of a storm. We decided to continue into Fairhaven, MA, with the intention of riding to Ft. Phoenix. Meeting a couple of friends and stopping to chat forced us to cut the ride short and race home to beat the storm.

We did beat the storm by a really long way. A few minutes after we got home and put everything away, the clouds cleared and the sun again showed itself. We ended up doing yard maintenance.

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