Friday, August 6, 2010


He's out riding again. Ho Hum

Dist.              33 miles
Time riding    2:51
Max speed    34.8 mph
Ave speed    11.6

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It was difficult riding from the get go.  The mind was O K, but the legs were resisting.  It's happened before and usually the kinks worked themselves out. Today it was three hours of protests from them. But we got through it.

The original plan was to ride hard on the usual "Fall River" route but it ended up being a mix of riding and sightseeing.  A sign directed me to "Aviation Training School" which is very well concealed at the outskirts of the municipal airport.   In the woods, so to speak.

The Aviation School "D" student's test results. 

There is a road leading to a reservoir that I had never biked.  It's been years since I went out that way for anything and this was a good a time as any to check it out.  It reminded me of roads you see on 1950's era movies.  Not much of anything out there.

It was a good day's riding which brought me through city streets and country roads where I met another rider, saw some sheep and was able to sneak up on two women in period dress taking a break form working the Whaling National Park in New Bedford.  Old house, old road, old garage and a boat.

A pretty good day indeed.
Got to get through the city first. I beat the light BTW.

The road from 1952

Some really old and not in good shape houses out there. 

Old garage. 

Hey ewe.  

Never forget old "what's his name" I met out in the middle of nowhere.  He had a map fortunately. 

Women in Whaling era period costumes taking a break from greeting the tourists.

As usual, there is at least one boat in this blog.


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