Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tremont Nail Factory

Yoga Bike

Bike Stats

Distance           32.7 Miles
Pedal Time       2 hrs 31 mins
Ave Speed      13 mph
Max speed      24.7 mph

Yoga was tough today. With only two more sessions of the free "yoga in the park" series, Jody our instructor added a bit of difficulty.  It didn't deter my ride plans on one of the usual routes.  

A friend recommended a sub shop in the town of Wareham Ma. as an alternative to my usual Cumberland Farms Egg Salad Sandwich on wheat bread.   I did bike by the company store and low and behold, the company was still there.  Or the building anyhow.  Tremont Nail has moved to another city but the building in Wareham was rebuilt in 1848 after a fire destroyed the original remains.  I didn't go into the company store this time, but will visit it next time I ride this route.

The building was built, like most of that era, on the river in order to use the flow of the water to run some of the machinery and unfortunately to get rid of the waste.  As usual in those days, there was a bit of environmentalism which can be seen by the building of the "herring run" that provided a way for the spawning fish to return upstream. 

We ended the day at AHA night, a second Tuesday of the month event,  in New Bedford, Ma.  with a nice Korean dinner and local white wine.

 Herring run alongside the waste chute.

Clean water 

Fairhaven Ma. Town Hall steeple


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  2. Yoga in the park sounds great, and that it's free, makes it even better. You live in a beautiful area - it seems so peaceful. I enjoy your blog.