Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Hot One

Ride Stats
Distance          33miles
Time                2hrs 32mins
Max speed      26.4mph
Ave speed       13mph
Max temp       102F
Lunch              Egg salad on wheat at Cumberland Farms in Wareham

Mary's Pond

A week of not doing any long distance rides can make one feel like doing make up rides. Today was that kind of day.  The temperature on the bike computer peaked at 102F.  Even without the presence of humidity, 102 is hot.  Again the mind was wandering during the ride and the miles passed quickly.  It seemed such a short time ago that this route from Fairhaven, Ma. to Wareham Ma. on the back roads was very difficult.  A person does get more fit the more he rides, but a new carbon fiber bike takes a lot of the difficulty out of the trip.

Mary's Pond is close to the halfway point to Wareham.  On the return trip with the temperature just under 100F, it was very tempting to pull over and run into the pond.  This was a very popular alternative to spending time at the beach on the ocean for many locals.  Something went awry with the ownership of the land and the pond and it has been off limits to the public for years.  The idea stuck though and upon returning home, a quick change out of the riding kit into beach wear got me ready for an ocean swim.

Entering the ocean can be breathtaking.  Although recovery is quick, that first dip when one finally dives in can force a gasp and those quick little breaths when the cheeks puff out for a few seconds. It's not unusual to see someone take a long time trying to get the gumption to take the plunge.  Many stand, adjust, move a couple of feet deeper, adjust, and jump when a wave approaches so as not to get the privates wet and cold.   Once your in though, there is nothing better than swimming the Atlantic.  Sharks and all.  

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  1. Man, that's hot!

    I haven't done a lot of ocean swimming, but I think it's easiest just to jump in and get everything wet at once, rather than doing the gradual thing. I think once you get it over with, it's not too bad.