Monday, August 16, 2010

Lo Mismo

Miles           21
Pedal time   1:31
Max speed 31.6mph
Ave speed 13.8

The Usual.

Sunday was mixed feelings about riding.  I wanted to ride but not too far which led me to choose the circle route I have been doing for years.  At the turn around point in Rochester Ma. there are a few alternatives to add miles.  Or it can be used as a turn around spot.  That's what happened when I thought I left the coffee pot plugged in and on with only a 1/2 inch of liquid in the bottom.  I tried calling a neighbor to go check without success.  Being at the halfway point I couldn't decide to keep going or turn around.

There were 57 Marin miles this week also.   Those are miles put on the old commuter bike, (back when I used to work), doing stuff around town.

This afternoon is the first step in deciding if I take a football coaching position at one of the local high schools. All are in need of a fitness and keeper coach, and my offering to coach pro bono is working in my favor. It's been seven years since I had my own team and I really don't know if I'll enjoy coaching like I did back then. I also have to feel out the head coaches to make sure we will be able to work together.


  1. So, did you burn the coffee? I know you were probably more concerned about burning down the house, but burnt coffee is a pretty serious pet peeve of mine.

  2. I had cleaned and put away the pot. It was one of those mind games that sometimes happen.

  3. you ride very fast... I feel like a snail sometimes. :)

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  5. Did you take the job? Being a keeper/fitness trainer lets you have fun without any of the pressure. You can do your job, have a good time, and whisper suggestions in the coaches ear when you think he needs to change things up.