Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Minute Sunday Ride

"I'll be over in a half hour".   That was the call I got, which gave me enough time to finish cutting the lawn and getting ready for a 20 mile bike ride.

This one was different.  We decided to ride to Buzzards Bay tomorrow.  The temps will be in the 80's which, I'm sure will bring out lots of people onto the canal bikeway.  We will only be riding a half mile on the MUP but we will finish the day close to 50 miles because of the trip to and fro.

We also decided that we would ride the Erie Canal this July.  I have no commitments, (work) to worry about so I will leave it up to Dave and Brandon to settle on a date.  This will be a 7 day trip and most of it will be camping.  Brandon and I have done it before and know that it's not that big a deal as touring goes.  It's nothing more than 7 days of bike riding.  But it is oodles of fun.

We want to do it between two fully supported rides so we can use their arrows.  Parks and Trails  ride from July 8th to the 15th.  It's a decent tour but you really gotta love crowds.  The Great Big FANY ride  across New York does their supported ride from the 22nd to the 28th of July.  We should fit our in nicely between the two, but the 21st is also a good starting date.

Today though we did a quick ride on one of the standard loops.

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