Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Wind Is My Friend. The Wind Is My Friend

 Let me tell you about the wind on the East Coast.  If the wind is going to be a factor in anything you plan on doing, like spreading powdered lime on your lawn, you need to do it early in the morning.  It's the calmest part of the day.  As mid to late morning approaches, we get whatever wind out of the north.  At 2PM or so, the wind switches and comes off the ocean.  It's a southerly wind and it always picks up in speed.  Most afternoons it's a 10-15 MPH wind.   Today, it was closer to 25 when we were on the return leg of the ride.  Outward it was the usual 10-12,  We always hem and haw about it, but less so as the riding season progresses.   When the wind gets extreme we tend to get silly because it's the type of ride that can drive you nuts if you don't lighten up.  After all, we ride in an area that is quickly becoming a breeding ground for wind turbines.  We have learned to deal with it.

Today was  47 miles by three guys recovering from different levels of colds.  Dave had a mild case of pneumonia, Brandon spent the day yesterday vomiting, even while he was working the ovens in a local pizza joint. (Nice picture that makes huh?).  I have been sluggish for the past couple of days fighting off some kind of bug.  We all came to life during the ride and we all took it to our limit and finished just as fatigue was getting to be an issue.

The signs of summer were everywhere from people in kayaks, the opening of ice cream joints on the Cape, to the traffic beginning to pick up.  We found a different coffee stop on this regular route, which takes us away from what can be a really hectic crossing of a high speed road that is an alternated route between the two Cape Cod Canal bridges.

Dave our biking Esquire almost got to touch an Iphone 4.  Brandon was explaining how it works when Dave mentioned he had never even touched and Iphone or Ipad.  Hearing this, Brandon made Dave settle for just observing while Brandon did all the maneuvering of the apps and browsing options. "Dude, I just bought the thing, I don't want it broken on the second day", was Brandon's reasoning for not letting Dave handle his new toy.

All things considered, we had a pretty good day of bike riding.  Hope you did too.

Kayaks on Mary's Pond in Rochester, MA.

First weekend for this ice cream joint in Buzzards Bay, MA. 

This is an Iphone  This is an App.   This is Safari web browser. 

 A different angle looking at the Bourne Bridge from the mainland side of the Canal

More kayaking in Wareham, MA

Water Break in Rochester, MA. 

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  1. Sundays wind was pretty nasty. It made the club ride a lot less fun.