Monday, April 2, 2012

Dumpstah Fiyah Gone Mad.

 33 miles
top speed of 38mph
ave speed 14 mph.  (Brandon says it's because he had to turn back or stop so often to wait for me).
It was a decent day for a ride.  Originally it was going to be a short 20 miles or less followed by yard work.  Once we got near the half way point on the loop we decided to extend the miles.   We took a couple of roads for the first time on bikes and fortunately only had to backtrack once when we ended up in a cul-de-sac.

Giddy Yap. 

You may live in Acushnet if your mailbox has an engine. 

Apparently turkey have limited luck crossing this country road. 

Easter is approaching

After getting lost a couple of times on the country roads we decided to do some city riding.  We traveled the busy Ashley Blvd for a bit.  This is where the cars exit the highway and are still in that highway driving mode.  Brandon almost got creamed a couple of times, but he is a good rider and managed to get himself out of harms way.  When I got to those places everyone was stopped and swearing at that effing young biker.  I just pedaled by very nonchalantly humming Kumbaya.

The best donut shop around. 

The Ave.   New Bedford Ma. 

Da dumpstah was on fiyah.  Story and video here

Next ting I know it was up to the second flowah.  If I didn''t wake up I wouldn't be heyah.   the story.


  1. Always and easy choice: keep riding or turn back to do yard work?

    Ma’s Donuts looks like a perfect spot.

  2. This is funny shit John. I think your comments here were my favorite. I love the pictures and the commentary. Perhaps you need a add more youth to your riding group. Perhaps I can join you soon for some rides. Until then, see you on the bike path with the dogs. Peter