Friday, March 23, 2012

Forty Eight Miles to the Cape Cod Canal

Second turbine in Fairhaven, MA. gets its blades.
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Forty eight miles was round trip or course.   It was a slog after yesterday's hammer fest where Brandon and I really pushed on our 32 mile ride. We were both complaining today that our legs were "toast".  The hills really took us to our limits.   Needless to say the ride was kind of slow.

Onset Beach  MA. 

Route 6 was the main route to Cape Cod till the extension of the interstate.  As they all do, this interstate eliminated all but local traffic on Rt. 6.   A couple of the old honky tonk places are still around. 

The railroad bridge spanning the canal is kind of different. It stays raised till a train approaches, which is only in the summer.  A tourist dinner train is all that's left of the rail service.  When the train approaches the bridge slowly lowers to around 10 feet above the fast moving waters of the canal.   The white truck parked near the bridge is the bridge tender.  He climbs the tower, walks across the raised bridge and climbs back down on the other side to get to work.  Nice. 

These condos were built in 2008 and fell victim to the housing collapse.  You can get one for around 300k now.  They sit about 50 feet from the canal.

What a look I got from this one when she noticed I took a photo.

Maintenance workers way up high. 

 Canal art


This may be the only Gingrich sign within a thousand miles.  

The ride was fun till I got home, pulled in the garage and reached into an empty bike back where my wallet was supposed to be.  The last time I saw it was in Buzzards Bay,  22 miles from home.  We back tracked but found nothing.  I'm in the process of doing all the things we need to do when we lose a wallet.  A real pain in the ass.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you lost your wallet. I hope some honest person finds and returns it. Thanks for taking us on this picture journey of your ride. It looks so different to the areas we currently explore.