Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Full Moon Ride

Thursday is the full moon and that means night riding.  A group in St. Louis and Spokane and Chicago have a monthly pub ride on the night of the full moon.  They call them Full Moon Fiasco's.  The St. Louis group really does this up with themes like,  prom night, mustache ride,  etc.   We tried it here but no one showed for any of the rides.

Tomorrow we may ride to the local regional vocational high school for a bike advocacy meeting.  But Thursday night is predicted to be warm and clear and maybe, just maybe we can pull off a local Fiasco with a few riders.

1 comment:

  1. No Full Moon Ride for me last night. I did ride my bike in the moonlight, of course, but that’s not exactly the same, although, better, maybe. Tonight, however, we should still have a pretty full moon for the CICLE led ArtNight Ride. A bunch of art galleries in Pasadena are open for free and we’re riding around to them. Probably get around 75 people.