Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Commuting Again

It was a beautiful day to return to work commuting.  A five and a half mile ride got me to school for the first day of lacrosse practice.   Naturally the kids came into camp completely out of shape. So much so that we had to cut back on the fitness training to avoid injuring the players.

Riding the two lane highway was not bad at all.  The rolling hill provide a decent work out as a bonus to riding to the job.   Riding home was a bit sketchy as I was riding into the sunset.  Luckily the sun was high enough not to be directly in the eyes of the drivers passing me.  An hour later might prevent me from riding that stretch of road because of the sun.  That's when drivers not only pull down the visor, but also drive with one hand while shading the sun with their other.  Like the Indian in the old western flicks.

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  1. Oh no! You've been caught and potentially corrupted by the bad file known as "lacrosse", harbor of all things unathletic (or at least poseur).