Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wind and Yatzee

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The first of two turbines is ready to go.  The second will be completed within a week I presume.  They will be tested and ready for the dedication on Earth Day next month.  

Crane in place to begin construction of Turbine #2 

The East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island was our destination today.  On the way we decided that we needed to cut the ride short to be able to do everything else that needed doing.  The state made that easy for us by closing 6 miles of the MUP. 

6 miles closed till sometime in April.  It will be well worth the inconvenience.

The path was very quiet today.  During the nice weather months it can get very busy.  It's not good for riding fast on a bike.  It was a little disheartening when I was riding at 18 MPH thinking I'm doing a nice clip when my partner said, "how can you ride this slow?"   Shortly after he had to stop to adjust his Ipod ear buds and set it to whatever, I decided to teach him a lesson and blasted off and set a pace of 22MPH. (the wind at my back).   I was smug thinking he will flame out trying to catch up because I got such a head start.  It lasted around three minutes when I got passed easily.  It wasn't just a regular pass, he blasted by me yelling,  "can you do 29?"   He only beat me because I was carrying two water bottles I'm sure.  Shortly afterward we had to stop to cross a busy road when I looked down at my speed-o-meter and couldn't help but yell out Yatzee! 

The MUP was quiet for the most part. We did run into pockets of people now and then, but we had plenty of opportunity to let loose and get a really good ride.   

My bike is on the left.  The one with the extra water bottle behind the seat.  Lucky for him I had that additional weight. 

YATZEE! (almost)

A couple of kids fishing and the path was all ours. 

Nice little bike shop on the MUP. 

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