Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Bedford Half Marathon

The winner of the female division #333

The Friendly Son's of St. Patrick took over the running of the New Bedford Half Marathon a few years ago and turned a close to failing endeavor into one of  the premier road races in the country. We rode to a few different spots of the 13.4 mile run to which also gave us a good spin of around 20 miles.

Tomorrow is the first day of high school lacrosse practice.  It's my first experience coaching lacrosse. JV's with lots of help from the varsity coaches.

There were some characters on the race route. 

The front of the pack

The main group

The back of the pack.

 There were lots of people out on such a nice day.  Many bikes got released from thier winter shelters it seems.   The didn't get ridden much,  but they were out.   It's a start. 

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