Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wind Turbine

The town of Fairhaven, MA is building two really big wind turbines. A small group is opposed because the "flicker" is going to kill us all. I suppose there have to be the naysayers to bring things to a head, but this group seems kind of nutty. It's the same people who opposed the bike path, the bridge repairs, the radio tower, road work and bike lanes on the roads. None opposed WalMart, AT&T or Titlest Golf getting tax abatements. It's a sign of the times I suppose.

Fortunately, the town proceeded in spite of the trivial law suits and the first tower went up in a day. Today is the "blade signing". We are riding over there to put our names on the blade, show our support and to be a part of the town going green.


  1. Have to disagree with the siting of the massive Fairhaven industrial turbines - they really are too close to people's homes (within 900 feet). I don't think the people against are nutty - they have a right to protest. The turbines may not kill them but for those within 1200' it will definitely affect the sanctity of their homes and life resulting in sleep deprivation and significant loss of property values. There are plenty of examples of turbines that are situated far enough from residential neighborhoods and make a lot of sense. These unfortunately do not.

    Also, you are misinformed. Many of the Windwise protesters are very civic minded folks and big proponents of the Fairhaven and Southcoast bike paths. One of their most outspoken advocates is Ken Pottel who is also the chairman of the Fairhaven bike path committee and is a big reason why the bike path even exists today.

  2. fairhaven wind turbines are noticable receive lots of attention. how about the auto repair station on 86 middle? take a look at what he built! he also now has an industrial national crane on his property not 50ft. from an autistic childs bedroom! stay small and big issues pass u by?