Monday, March 5, 2012

Cold March 5th Ride

Happy to be back in the Northeast

We only did 14 miles and that was enough.  Brandon had re-assembled his bike after the shipment from Austin.  He moved back to the Northeast last week and is very happy to be back.

I was thinking of going to a matinee at the local theater when he called and suggested a bike ride.  I reluctantly agreed with the temp at 38F.   Except for a couple of cold spots on the ride, it wasn't bad.  Not bad at all.

Bikes are ready to roll. 

 The back roads of Mattapoisett Ma. 

#2 Son rented the 1st floor before moving to Atlanta a few years ago. 

Home on the waterfront of Mattapoisett, Ma.  

Shipyard Ln.  Mattapoisett Ma. 

Probably the only abandoned house in town. 

Dunkin Donuts coffee.   A New England staple

We had to ride a little over a mile on this road. Everyone moved left for us. 

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