Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wind Turbines

It was a beautiful day yesterday with the temps approaching 60. Today it's snowing.    It was my turn to cook again, being a day that we are eating at home.   Next week Brandon will be back and we will have two chefs in the house.  I'll gladly relinquish the kitchen if he wants to take over for a while.   I'm thinking I'll be the head chef again within a week seeing Brandon will have a day job.

On the way to the market I took a spin to Little Bay so I could check out the wind turbine progress.  A few of the base units have been delivered and things are moving along.

On the way out of the bay area I stumbled upon a trail through the woods.  Never seen this before but then again I have only lived in this area 28 years.

Today's Menu
Mandarin orange and clove pork chops.

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