Monday, February 6, 2012

Riding the Service Area

 I usually exit the MUP at the shopping area and find it's much better to ride the service areas behind the stores.  The down side is that cars use this for a high speed shortcut to beat the traffic on the main roads.  When there is a run in, those in the cars are very agitated at being slowed down.  Now that guy who got caught at the red light might beat him to the main road again.

These signs are on every building and are completely ignored by the kids on skateboards.
 There are lots of alleys to get to the main entrances if you need to shop.  Just lock the bike to one of the poles and off you go.

I keep getting coupons for this place and keep being disappointed with the joint.  The last experience was the first one in five visits that wasn't bad.  It wasn't good, but all the previous times it has been bad.  Thing are improving.

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