Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planning the Summer Tour

I am trying to convince a couple of friends to try touring. There are a couple of supported ones within range but can cost a bit. Rails to Trails Sojourn  are doing the C&O canal towpath and Great Allegheny ride from Washington DC to Pittsburgh.  The other is a supported Erie Canal ride.   The first is almost a grand and the Erie Canal is $675.  Seems like a lot to those who have not done a supported ride before.  They do take care of everything.  Comfort is their business. Personally I prefer to tour self supported but am willing to do one more supported to get others into touring.

Another idea is to do a short three or four day tour of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard riding from hostel to hostel.  It would be a good bike ride but going away for a tour is much more fun I think.

Self supported on the Erie Canal in 2008

Supported tours can be nice also.  This is Austria in 2007

A tour is going to happen this summer.  Which one is the question.

Here is some music while your browsing.  Enjoy

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  1. LFDH is awesome. I went to high school not far from where he grew up, and got turned on to H&O when they were still regional. I have pictures of them when I scored some press passes for a concert. Good stuff!