Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Ride

Got together with Dave and his new bike for an easy ride to the neighboring town of Mattapoisett Ma.  Seems Dave knew everyone we encountered.   We spent a couple of hours riding 15 miles.  No hurry, just out for a ride.

Dave's new Felt commuter/touring bike

Dave on the left met this couple at Ned's Point light.  They talked and talked and talked. 

While they were yakking this guy drove up. 

I attended a function later in the afternoon and ran into a couple of fellow bikers.  John also went for a ride today and he was pleased that he averaged 17MPH riding alone.   A couple of our riding buddies are all consumed with how many miles and how fast they went. They don't ride unless it's a hammer fest.  I was like that for a few years when I first got back into biking.  I saw it as my mid life crisis and eventually got over it.  I'm sure John and his crew will come to the same conclusion soon enough.  Till then, we ride separately.

We visited one of the summer resort area's that had been completely wiped out when a huge storm surge came through during Hurricane Bob of 1991    The houses now sit on stilts that require them to be above the surge level of that storm.

Point Connett.  Mattapoisett, MA


  1. I like Dave’s Felt. Nice matching fenders. Go Blue!

    Stilted houses, I’m not so sure about…

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