Friday, February 17, 2012

Riding To Work....Sort Of

Coaching two high school soccer teams gives me something to do on Friday nights.  None of the indoor photos came out tonight.  Maybe next time.  Here are a couple from past matches.
 The Devil Dogs.  U-16s

I do get to do some pretty good evening and night riding.  Todays opener was 6PM and the High School game finished at 9PM.   The temps were moderate enough for a decent ride home.  The ride to the games was OK also.

Most of the churches in town are either closed or struggling. People have finally come around and are rejecting the religious crap.   This one was sold and is being put to a much better use.   The guy is converting it to a pretty neat house.

The rail line is being improved for the future commuter train to Boston.

Motorcyclist in deep shit. 

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