Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Bad For Mid February.

The first order of the day was to return a pair of shoes wifey bought me at Marshall's.   They were a bargain at $49 as opposed to the original price.  Marshall's has some pretty good deal on really good stuff if you hit it at the right time.  Bike parking is getting to be at a premium.  Things are looking up in Fairhaven.

On the return trip I stopped by the sight of the wind turbines being built.  There is a brouhaha going on in town with a group of people trying to stop the turbine project.

This is the first section delivered.  The windmill will be around 400' tall. 

The weather was really nice when I decided to go for a ride.  The sun was shining and the temps hovered in the low 50's.   Things cooled off a bid as I left the house.  It was kind of cold in spots but not really that bad.  I figure low to mid 40's.  Lots of folks were out doing "stuff".  One guy was cutting fallen trees that had been cleared from MUP after a nasty storm in the fall.   The golfers were out on the private course near the path.
Traffic was light and the summer tourist area was all quiet.

Getting some fire wood on the MUP

Golfer crossing.  The tea is to the right and the players have to hit their drive over the road to the fairway on the left. 

First hole at Reservation Gold Club in Mattapoisett, MA.

15th Green

US Rt. 6.  The old road to Cape Cod.

Lobster trap markers.  Every lobster man has his own branding on his traps marker.  Not unlike cattle out west. 

Quiet Mattapoisett Village

Good place for Bangers and Mash. 

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  1. We have wind turbine's near where I live. On my way to work I drive/ride (depending on the day) right by them. They are amazing! We also had a huge bit of arguing about them...the main complaint...'they will ruin the beautiful landscape' Let me point out I live in Illinois..Northern Illinois at that...we have no hills etc. The landscape may actually have improved because of these wind turbines...I stop quite often to get pictures of them. I think they are pretty neat.
    As always thanks for sharing all your pictures and adventures!