Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Sunday 50 Mile Ride

As always, click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger. 

Those 30 mile rides don't seem to cut it any more.  We need to approach or exceed 50 to feel like we got something accomplished.

Only two of us managed to sync up our time to ride this week.  Last week Brandon was under the weather, this week Dave had some work to finish.  The down side of self employment I suppose.

Again we chose a marked route of the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen.  During the ride Brandon and I decided not to do the 50 miles because it was getting late.   We made so many wrong turns that we ended up doing 50 miles any how.  Just not the same 50 the Wheelmen arrowed.

We had the roads to ourselves again for the most part.  A couple of times the route took us to very busy main routes but the Sunday traffic is not bad at all.

This is my usualy view when riding with younger riders.  They are waaay off in the distance.

Cranberry bog in Carver Ma. 

The pipe siphons water into the pump house and from there it's piped across the road to the cranberry bog. 

We so some talking on the ride but Brandon is more of a listener. 

He is an old softie though.  Here he rescues a turtle trying to cross the road. We alway hope we place her where he wants to go and not back to where she started

Safe and sound on the ground and off the road. 

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