Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Commute is a Commute

Short cut behind the super market. 

I looked at the sticker on my car windshield that has my oil change information.  I last had it done on Dec 4, 2011 and the sticker gave my the mileage.  I have driven just over 800 miles since that date.  Everything else has been by bike.  I have been asked where I get my gas and how much I pay.  I can only tell them where I get gas and really don't pay any attention to the price.  Even if I did I would be hard pressed to remember what it was the last time I filled up.  When I worked, it was a 30 mile drive to the park and ride.  I would bike the remaining 10 miles to the office.  On average I would put around 700 miles a week on the car and was always bitching about the price of gas. 

Commuting to work has been replaced by commuting to play.   Now the commute is to play early morning tennis twice a week.  I also use the bike to get to the gym, go shopping or pretty much anything else within five or six miles from home.  

Early morning tennis commute in Fairhaven, MA.  

Two mild winters have allowed me to bike year round since June of 2010 which put a nice dent in my gasoline bill.   That makes me feel really good when I'm asked the price of gas and I say.  "I have no idea, I'm not a user".  

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