Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrows Of Different Colors.

Lots of arrows mapping routes for different bike groups.

Click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger. 

Distance 40 miles
Ave Speed 12.4

Local blogger Paul  posted his Thursday night ride and his twenty one mile loop took us to some nice areas in Dartmouth MA.  that none of us had biked, but we all knew.  Adding the distance from my house, and a loop around Fort Rodman in New Bedford to his mapped ride, gave us exactly 40 miles.

Pit Stop

Itcheecoo Park.   You may know the song if not the place. 

Passing the torch so to speak to the younger generation

A famous catcher once said.  "When you come to a fork in the road take it

Pig farm in Dartmouth MA. 

Most of the ride was in the country which pretty much gave us the roads to ourselves.  On the return we decided to add a few more miles and go to the south end of New Bedford which is a peninsula.  Fort Rodman is located at tip and has been converted into a sewer treatment plant/family beach and park.  It was crowded with locals picnicking and swimming.   I need to mention that the river is also a super-fund clean up sight loaded with pcb (s).
An engineering marvel 

The section in Dartmouth was arrowed by at least three different groups.   We followed the two newest, The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen's red arrows and some other organizations green arrows.  They took us on the same route.

We hammered for a while but not as much as usual.  It was more of a social ride where we stopped for lunch and later for ice cream.

In two weeks we will be on tour riding the Erie Canal.   We are ready.

Lunch Break

Some are just comfortable on a bike. 

Little River Bridge in Darmouth Ma.  Above and below

Padanaram Harbor

 Padanaram Bridge


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed the ride.

  2. "has been converted into a sewer treatment plant/family beach and park. It was crowded with locals picnicking and swimming."

    I really like this detail. Such imagery.

  3. I miss biking! :( Now I'll live vicariously through you. :)