Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can I Ask A Question?

Distance 20 Miles
max speed 29.7
Ave Speed 15 MPH
Time 1:22

I figured I could get a ride in and still catch the second half of the Spain/France match.   During the ride I ran into local MS ride.   I struck up the usual conversation with a guy.  Where you from?  How far you riding today?   We were riding together when out of nowhere he said.  "Can I ask you a question".   Here it comes  I realized.
"Where is your helmet".
"I don't own one" I responded
He gave the same old stale response by telling me of a friend who fell and if he didn't have a helmet he would have been dead.
"How do you know that"  I asked.
"By the dent in the helmet".  he said.
"Of course.  The dent".    "See you around"

As I rode off one of the riders past me at a pretty good clip.  He was taking his lane when this guy in a car passes me and rides right up to this guys back wheel.  "WATCH YOUR BACK"   I yelled.  The biker could not hear me so I turned on the after burners.  As I caught the car I yelled through his open window.   "What the fuck is your problem.
"The guy is riding in the middle of the road"  he said.

I responded,  "Why don't you just go around and leave him alone".  

The car eventually did that and the biker was oblivious to all the drama going on behind him.

Otherwise it was a pretty good ride.

BTW   France lost 2-0.

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  1. Ah, the helmet debate. Same 'ol, same 'ol.

    I'm interested of late in the commentary and research out there about the Culture of Fear as in cahoots with the Nanny State. I wear my helmet in town, but out on the road I figure my odds are in my favor to feel the breeze.