Saturday, November 10, 2012

Night Rider

The night was sultry......

With that in mind we did a short night ride.  The sky was clear.  The stars were bright and the temperature was comfortably cool.  

The ride took us around the town of Fairhaven and to the hurricane barrier that let us ride to the middle of the New Bedford Harbor.  This is a file photo where you can see the opening for ships and boats to enter the harbor.

We did have to move some debris from a section of the ride.  The tree had been sitting across the walkway for a week and we decided to fix this dilemma. 


  1. I love night rides, their so peacefull. How did you're team make out in the tournament?

  2. We didn't make the tournament. We imploded and gave up 11 goals in the last 2 games that we needed to win. I think the pressure got to the kids.
    Ya think!

  3. My girlfriends daughter is the assistant coach for the girls team at Dighton/Rehoboth. They got knocked out too.

  4. It looks like I am moving to New Bedford Voc next year.