Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breakfast And The Beach.

An early morning urban Sunday ride brought me to #3 son's for coffee.  He got his own place last week and it's almost up to his standards of comfort.  There are still a few things piled up in a couple of rooms waiting to find their rightful place in his pad.  It's a really nice place and we both agree he scored a golden goal with this place.

On the ride home I noticed some obvious tourist walking around the area.  That usually means the cruise ship was in port.  It's a small one that makes 8 stops up the Northeastern coast.  Places like Newport R.I., New Bedford, Ma.  and Portland Me.  along with a few others.  Much of the scallop and fishing fleet was in port also because of the tropical storm that passed through the area last week.

The afternoon was set aside for wifey and we spent a good part of it at the beach.  Sunny, mid 80's with a breeze off the bay was all one could ask.  It got better when we were offered an iced vodka and lemonade cocktail by our friends whom we met there.

The bike riding to coffee and beach gave me 24 miles.  It adds up quickly and easily sometimes.

Brandon's 29th is Tuesday but David and I decided to take him out to dinner this Sunday evening.  The three of us ride and tour together so we used this as our private celebration.  Not only that but the restaurant has a Sunday special where a complimentary bottle of wine is given with every two entrees.   Naturally we took advantage of that.

Here are a few more photos of the day.


  1. Nice...beautiful day huh...Wife and took the bikes to the Fairhaven Farmer's Market Sunday when we got back from NY as we vowed to shop mainly from local farmers this year! Then we went to the boat ramp over in Seaview Ave to take the dogs for a swim...they were happy pups!