Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is This The Fall River Group?

With an offensive attitude he says,  "do I look like someone from Fall River.  I'm from Prahhhvidince".

"Are you with the Fall River Group?"

"I'm from Joplin Missouri".   The guy from Prahhhvidince is in the green shirt.

"Are you the Fall River group"


"Are you the Fall River group?"

"Yes, part of it. "

 Things turn out that the Fall River bike people begin the East Bay Bike Path at the other end than the normal people do.    I probably should have started at that end but really?
Do I look like I'm from Fall River?

This guy is. Brian Pearson.  I sucked his back wheel for the last 5 miles of the path.  Thankfully he didn't know that was bad etiquette and didn't spit or nose booger me.   Thanks Brian.

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