Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cumberland 50. Narragansett Bay Wheelmen Ride.

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This ride is close to home, yet very scenic with some fine stretches of farmland. Short ride goes through Arnold Mills. The longer rides go by the Diamond Hill Reservoir, and the Big Apple orchard in Sheldonville. 50-miler heads north to Medway, returning thru Franklin and Wrentham.

It was hot with lots of rolling hills.  The heavy pollen blowing around in the air cause more than a few some breathing problems. There was lots of hacking going on.

The Wheelmen did lots of research and tweaking of the routes over the years.  They have put together some really quality rides that are well arrowed making it easy to stay on the route.  This one had four options 12/18/30 and 54 miles.   Three of us kind of teamed up during the ride and when we got to the split of the 54/30 option we decided on the 30 miles.

There was a group of club riders from Cambridge using this as a training ride for the MS150 next month.  There was also a couple of pelotons that were doing some impressive riding. Three of us are beginning to up our training in preparation for our annual tour.  This year we will be circumnavigating Lake Champlain counter clockwise. We will get some quality hill training next weekend when we travel to Maine for a couple of days of riding.
Cambridge group in training for the MS150

Back to this ride.  It was 30 miles of rolling hills in the countryside with very little traffic.  Lots of farms and other wide open spaces.   We did come across one little convenience store that did a really good business to day I'm sure.  Because of the heat many of the riders found it necessary to stop here for liquid and since we were there a twinkie or candy bar got added to the purchase.

Nice car free rural roads. 

The only convenience
store on the route.  It was an oasis for many this day.


  1. John, they need to come up with another start location. It sucks when you need to be in a granny gear to climb back up to the parking lot.

  2. Ha! That other ride in Northern R.I. has the same problem. A big hill to end the ride.