Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Birthday and Bad Back

Todd came home to celebrate my birthday with dinner at the Fireside Inn in Middleboro, Ma. He was also here for a friends wedding, which worked out well.

I was still reeling from a strained back from racquetball, but mangaged, with the help of a caraff of house red, to be good company.

Two weeks of rest and stretching allowed me to get back on the court last night. Playing two full and a few minutes into the third match. Toby and I took a short break between match two and three that allowed my back to tighten up. At the first twing, I called it a night.

A little tight today, but a lunchtime walk should losen it up sufficiently.

Bike commuting can start any day. All I need is the hutzpa to get out of bed in the morning. Any day now.

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