Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Ride of "07"

The AMC was doing their postponed New Years Day ride. The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen had their route planned. I did not feel like either. So I headed out on my own with camera.

Moorings sitting unused for the winter. Normally there are hundreds of boats tied up here. Mostly 25-40 footers.

I had heard that there was going to be some sort of celebration at the zoo and rode on over. What ever it was, I missed. I think it had something to do with the Patriots football team, of which the following pictures are coincidence and not any sort of opinion.

A couple of places in Dartmouth got my attention.

Collecting shells

Riding over the Padanaram Bridge

I also have to give props to one of my LBS's and one of my favorite Portuguese restaurants.

I did ride by one of my favorite areas, which by the way is where another of my favorite eateries is located, Freestones.

The background building is the old Customs house. It's where a lot of us got suckered into the military.

The original Third District Court House. circa 1870

An upscale city grill. Freestones was originally "Citizens National Bank" (mid 1800's). It was also a very rough bar under two names, "Haskell's" then the "Pequod Lounge" (of Moby Dick fame), in the 50's thru the 70's.

I eventually made my way back to Fairhaven and the comfortable Phoenix bike trail.

A stream from the Naskatucket water supply.

Another look

I did get back to Evergreen St. and was greeted by my neighbors Austin, and Zack.



The first 25 miles of the 2000 mile club is in the book.

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  1. CapeJohn: Great blog. Thanks for visiting my site as well. I really need to start carrying my camera as you suggest. I've seen some sunrises that would make great pics.