Sunday, January 28, 2007

Second Try at Peace

Yesterday I road to the designated spot for the peace rally and noticed I had an extra dollar in my pocket. Being a day early gave me a chance to ride my bike again today.


My regular route makes me cross a very busy highway that separates the waterfront from the historic district. There are traffic lights and it's no problem crossing. I have another option of using a pedestrian overpass.

When I got to the crossing there were cop cars and police in the middle of the road. One waived me through just as I was asking if I could go straight up the hill. I was wearing a face mask which along with the traffic noised muffled my question. There was another police presence two blocks away, stopping people from going down the hill. Hmmmm?

I called home and told wifey that something was definitely amiss. There has been trouble, (gun trouble), here in the past. I continued a half mile up the hill and low and behold, tow more cops. They stopped me and the traffic and I really wanted to ask what was going on, tactfully you know. He motioned for me to cross and I seized the opportunity, "Is someone important in town?". (Knowing full well there was a major crisis with all this police presence). "Power outage" {{{{sigh}}}}. They were directing traffic.

I was sure terrorist were in the process of causing mahem and death. After all, ther is a WalMart nearby. What better target than that?.

I really wanted to go to the rally, mostly to take some pictures. I went to the first one this group held four years ago, when Iraq had wepons of mass distructon, and were forty five minutes away from anihilating us. It was in some church in the center of town, and many of the speakers of that long ago day were at today's gathering. The one thing I noticed was that people were very vocal this time. The first one was like a gathering in anticipation of a cyclone or hurricane.

Because everything in this section of the city is closed on Sundays, I brought along a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. When I was eating, I noticed that I was the only one with food. A lot of the people were giving me friendly looks and smiles. There was a black lab shepard mix who abandoned all his pride, walked up to me, sat down, and began drooling. Dogs don't know how to give friendly looks and smile. He got a good piece of pb&j for his work.

The day was not all protesting. I took a route that brought me by the old Ash St. Jail. This thing was built sometime in the mid 1800s "out in the country", so to speak. Now it sits right smack dab in the middle of the city.

On the way back to the city I came across two houses that made my photo finger itch.
One was yellow and one was big.

This is the yellow one.

This is the big one

Tomorrow is weight watchers weigh in. Last week was 6.5 loss. This week may be a little less but still a loss. I am eating well and excercising plenty.


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