Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just a Little Bit Longer

The return to bike commuting is getting closer and closer to resuming. Today everything was in place. The clothes were laid out. The bike was tuned and ready to go. Work meals were cooked and packed and the alarm was set. I arose at 5:40, looked outside and noticed the street were still wet from yesterdays snow melt.

A shiny wet. I went out front to retrieve the newspapers and found everything was covered in a sheet of ice. The coldest part of the day, (daybreak)had not yet happened. I ended up driving and made the right decision. The side roads I take on the bike were a sheet of ice. All of them.

Tomorrow is up in the air because Sue and I plan on going to the theater after work. If showtime if before 6PM I will not be able to bike commute and make it back to shower, shave and drive to the mall. Next opportunity will be Tuesday.

On the brighter side, I did play 90 minutes of very intense racquetball last night with no back issues. Four weeks rest (after the strain)did the trick.

Side Note
The city of Boston along with the the local and national news outlets, are still trying to regain their credibility afte the "Brite Lite" terror alert.

From Steve Gilliard at News Blog

"What the Boston authorities did was show exactly how unprepared they were for a real
terrorist attack. If they had been bombs, people would have died, because the media announced that the BPD was pulling them down. A bomber would have certainly triggered the remaining ones.

I would hope that after Menino changes his drawers, he sees how badly his city handled this. If they were real bombs, they would now understand what New York does about mass funerals.

I'm really itching to get back to bike commuting, but I also love my racquetball, (which causes an after work conflict).

Every day, I see a young kid riding his bike to the high school. Last year there were two of them, and I'm guessing the other one graduated. I have an extra face mask that has never been used, that I'm thinking of giving to him. The coldest part of the season is just now upon us, and I figure he could use a little more protection. I just can't get myself out of the sack during these cold mornings to commute and I probably should use him and the other rider I see as motivation.


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