Thursday, February 1, 2007

Red Alert----Red Alert

Lite-Brites! I'll say it again. Lite-Brites were strategically placed in Boston for maximum exposure. Hundreds of thousands of people saw them every day.

After TWO WEEKS, "Boston's Finest" put the city at code red.

The fact that these things were all over NYC and LA for two weeks without incident is going to make the City of Boston look like asses in court.

"Mayor Menino is an idiot, and unfortunately I get to see him up close and personal. He does some things well, but he has no vision, and he's been in office way too long.

I assumed that this was some sort of joke or guerrilla marketing campaign as the first news started leaking out. How ridiculous to shut the city down.

If we are this afraid of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the terrorists have won." (Marek from the The News Blog comments.)

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