Thursday, July 12, 2007

Box Cutter, Dog Surgury and Ice Cream

Wifeys little girl, Pretty Polly Pointer had to go in for x-rays yesterday. No food after midnight meant that she had to be distracted while the other dog was fed at 6AM. A walk around the block did the trick.

She, and her brother Rowdy Riley Podango, prefer walks and getting pet over anything else, including food. Consequently, bike commute to work was cancelled.

Yesterday was also the first day back to work after an 11 day vacation. As a treat, we cooked up some scallops and cracked open a nice bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle, a very crisp Reisling from Washington State.

While cutting up some cardboard for recycling, the box cutter snapped with still plenty of slicing remaining. Dinner was great, the wine was face numbing, and we were also out of jelly. Naturally, a trip to the discount store, Ocean State Job Lot, was necessary. A buck for the box cutter, and two for the blackberry preserves for my Saturday morning bagel. The "central del la comercial" a little over a mile away, and the night was sultry. Great for an evening bike ride.

Since Sue was out of Friendly'sChocolate Peanut Butter Chip ice cream, a detour to Stop & Shop was also necessary. Ice cream is not junk food. It makes you look beautiful. Just look at the picture for proof. Reisling is the same.

The thunder storms forcasted for today's commute did not materialize. Weight training and racquetball will substitute as cross training this evening. Friday is definitely a commuting day.

Washed my bike two days ago and the computer hasn't worked since. I banged it a couple of times and spun the tires......nada.



  1. Ice cream and Riesling -- yum!

    My bike badly needs to be cleaned. I am not as good about doing that as I should be.

  2. Try this for your computer. Take the head off and set it on a light bulb for a few minutes. And I emphsize "few" I fried one when I became distracted. 1/2 hour of manmade sunshine melted it into an onrecognizable mess. This technique does work sometimes though.