Sunday, July 15, 2007

Didn't get up early enough to do a long commute. The regualar will suffice.

Friday a car full of kids tried to run me off the road. In heavy city traffic no less. Just ahead the traffic was backing up right at the intersection I turn left. I did my best to catch the offending Chevy, with water bottle in hand, but they managed to get through just as I got there.

Both computers are acting up after washing the bikes. Today I caught myself doing 144 mph, and halfway through my 11 mile commute, it said I had completed 23 miles. Now, I know enough to remove the computer before washing.

The mornings have been quite cool, actually jacket weather. Someone chainsawed down a huge tree across the bikeway through the old state school. That detour lead me to try cutting a quarter mile off my commute by riding along the RR tracks. It did take mileage off, but added around 20 minutes because of the rocks and soft turf.

B, got arrested for driving without a license, and dwi on Friday. Expecting around a five years loss of driving (minimum), jail time is also a concern. Court date is Monday. The question is wether or not he had reached rock bottom and will take action, or if he will return to his old ways after a couple of weeks.

Tried the road bike for commuting today. It is very much faster, but really, when on a bike, one should not be that concerned about time and speed. Kind of a "swimming against the tide" type of thing.

Tomorrow is the last Spanish class. Next Monday is the final at a local Spanish restaurant. No English allowed. Should be fun. Voy a beber una cerveza. Or two.


  1. bueno, que lo pases bien dando copas con amigos. Lo mejor es tomar 4 o 5 para relajarte, y entonces hablaras como una loca vieja gozando de sus nietos recien nacidos.

  2. Tengo tres gatos borrachos en me nariz y los monos sanguinarios tienen mis llaves.

    The spanish restaurant sounds like a blast. Sucks about your friend (acquaintance? relative) being DUI. Fortunately it's one less on the road, but it's probably very little consolation for all involved. Sounds like a candidate for bike commuting by brute force. Also sucks about your run-in with the punk kids.

    As far as road bike commuting goes, I'm sold on it for my own commute. You make a valid point that if you're in a hurry you might as well drive. I have 3 bikes of my own to choose from, each of which has a variety of traits that sometimes vary greatly from one to the next. I'm willing to trade a little comfort for a decent boost in speed and efficiency on my road bike in the morning. On the way home, I couldn't care less, but I'm already 14 miles from home with my road bike as my only mode of wheeled transportation. Well, I could take the Dreaded bus.