Monday, July 2, 2007

Cape Cod

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A twenty minute ride to the Bourne Bridge and the rotary, or roundabout, and you find yourself "on the Cape". An additional 15 minutes to Falmouth/Woods Hole to begin a peaceful day at the beach. "The knob" is a quiet sanctuary just three miles from the hustle and traffic of Main St. Falmouth. A short hike on well worn dirt paths brings the visitor to the point of the knob.

Look right and you see, The Cape Cod Canal. Looking west on a clear day, you can see New Bedford, and just off to the left, the Elizabeth Islands.

Nautical themes are everywhere, from the drone of a small engine, to the lapping of oars as the small boat approaches. The quiet serenity of the picturesque inlet, harboring sail and motor boats.

There is a bounty of activity on and off the water, and plenty of scenery unique to coastal areas.

Time has a way of "melting" away on days like these. It was necessary to begin packing up and head back to the mainland.

Falmouth, as is most of the cape, is very bike friendly. Not only toward bikers, but strangers on bikes have no problem comparing rides and just being friendly to each other. After all, if you ride long enough, you never know who you may meet some day down the road.

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  1. Lovely photos -- this set has a nice glow to them, I wonder what caused that. It doesn't look like it was foggy -- sweat on the lens, perhaps? I'm pretty sure that has never happened to me ;) It's a nice effect, regardless.