Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things are Heating Up

The tour of Austria is fast approaching. Riding, racquetball, and weight training are all part of the fitness regiment. Tomorrow the forcast is a chance of light rain. That should be no problem for a tour/commute bike rider. The problem as always is getting out of bed at 5AM. It doesn't take much to blow off riding at that time. A chance of rain has done it before. But not tomorrow. Now way, no how. Who in their right mind would not ride on a Wednesday?

A good friend got pulled over, and was arrested for driving on a suspended license. It seems three different calls were made to the local police regarding his driving. Because he was on probation, bail was denied and he will spend the next week in the house of correction awaiting his hearing. This could straighten him out, or it could make him worse. He just celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Both boys are comming home soon. I think they have tickets to the Red Sox, a local professional baseball team. They usually put a little time aside for Ma and Pa. We have a special name for it. Dinner time.


  1. I won't claim to be in my right mind, but I didn't ride today. It's raining. It looks to rain the next couple of days, too. I am not looking forward to that.

    I know I could ride in the rain, but my usual routine is to ride to work in the morning if it's not raining then -- and then ride home regardless. I don't really want to show up at work soaking wet.

  2. When it's raining, I ride to the express bus, about 2 miles. I usually don't get any more wet than I would via 14 miles of sweating. If it's torrential, I'll catch the Dreaded slow bus that picks me up basically at my front door. No worries. I don't like packing miles on in the rain before work, either.