Sunday, December 9, 2007

Birthday Surprise

The view from our accommodations.

Wednesday was wifeys birthday and it was one of those milestone dates that end in zero. The boys and I had planned and connived for almost a year to make this one, a birthday to remember. (and to build some equity for me).

All she knew was that we were going away for a week and to bring tropical clothes. Her guesses had quite a range. Portugal, St. John USVI, Cuba, Panama, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and on and on.

At the airport on Saturday the cat was let out of the bag as we boarded American Airlines direct flight to St. Thomas USVI. Shortly after landing we boarded the ferry to Cruz Bay in St. John. A short photo op filled taxi ride brought us to our accommodations at Maho Bay.

Maho Bay can best be described as summer camp for adults. The choice of accommodations is a tent, or a tree house. We chose the more ma and pa friendly, tree house. (they have hot water).

Lots of hiking, snorkeling and day trips filled the first part of the week.

The day before the "BIG" day. (the birthday), we decided to take a cruise over to the British Virgin Islands, and decided on Virgin Gorda. (the fat virgin), and a visit to "the Baths".

The Baths represent the stellar natural attraction of the British Virgin Islands, with exotic pools and grottos formed by giant boulders strewn across sand beaches. Explorers will revel in the hidden rooms with shafts of light, snorkelers in the coral ledges and caves, sunbathers/ swimmers in the white sand beaches adding to the sparkling clarity of the water

Also at the entrance to the Baths is the elegant but casual Top of the Baths restaurant, whose open air veranda has magnificent panoramic views. Relax with a painkiller or other frozen fruit drink in the fresh water pool designed right into the veranda. Favorites include lobster, conch and veggie burgers, lunch specials like grilled wahoo and baked chicken and such varied items as fillet mignon, pastas, char-broiled fresh fish such as mahi-mahi, jerk chicken, and broiled lobster.

Some of the "stellar Natural attractions"

Akeem our guide climbed up to get us coconuts. Only a couple had water but the ripe ones hit the spot for Sue.

Akeem harvesting coconuts.

opening the coconut.

Sue working a coconut.

working it

back on the boat, still working it.

Akeem did make on special presentation. Can't blame him, really.

It was time to leave Virgin Gorta for the Caves. A really neat snorkeling place with lots of fish and a really big barracuda named Barney.

The Caves

snorkeling the caves.

Barney the four foot barracuda.

Akeem feeding Barney.

On Sue's birthday, she and I went to lunch at Skinny Legs,, an eclectic place in Coral Bay. We were met there by Rick and Robin who run a private charter sail boat. Before we boarded however, the boys, Keith and Todd, hid below deck. Soon after we departed they came above deck to give Sue her final and best surprise. We shared a bottle of champagne and watched the sun set over Coral Bay.

Sue surprised by the boys.

The four of us.

Or neighbor the iguana.

Drunk Cove

Tapas at Miss Lucy's at Coral Bay.

Friendly goat at Miss Lucy's restaurant.

Our friend Martin from NJ via Switzerland.

Stephanie, Ginger, Pa and Ma.

Our new local friend Trevor

Homeward bound


  1. Oh wow...this is just amazing! I'm glad the surprise worked out.

  2. These are fabulous pictures. What a great surprise!!! Can you please coach my husband on how to accomplish this? LOL!

  3. This is wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share the photos. I traveled away from this zero degree stuff for a few minutes.

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