Monday, December 24, 2007

FCB Fairhaven. Jr. Division.

On Saturday afternoon the neighborhood kids were out in the street making bike jumping ramps out of snow. Jokingly I mentioned that the evening was the first day of winter solstace and the "cold full moon" was coming. "I always do a bike ride on the evening of the full moon", but decided to ride on Saturday to celebrate both. Four of us, Austin, Zack, Taylor and me, set out around 6PM but ended up having to postpone the Cold Moon Fiasco because of the ice. The melt during the day wet the roads and a quick temperature drop turned them into a sheet of ice. We tried riding and all of us ended up slipping, sliding and falling before anyone could get fifty yards. It was a hoot but we simply could not ride.

A decision was made to ride on Sunday night. The temperature during the day reached 50F which pretty much cleard the MUP of all moisture. The four of us set out at 6PM just as the moon was rising over the eastern horizon. We had to go early again becase my riding partners had to get home, seening that the oldest was 12.

The FCB Fairhaven was cancelled on this "cold full moon" replaced by the Jr. TFBC Fairhaven. I did spring for the first drink at Cumberland Farms, Sierra Mist for everyone. I also threw in a box of Ring Dings. As the religious gang says "Get em' young and you have them for life".

Eventually we'll have to adultify this ride, but for's a start.


  1. Excellent! Sounds like a great time! Glad you had some riding partners for the event.

  2. Whatever it takes man. Glad you had a turnout of any kind. It's always unpredictable in the winter. Surprisingly, I had eight riders for our Full Moon Fiasco.