Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We got em'. The tickets.
Euro 2208? Nope
MLS CUP? Bigger.
World Cup? Getting warmer.

OK enough of the drama.
Andre Rieu is comming to Boston and lovely wife got us tickets as a Christmas Present.
What a gal.

Otherwise the day was quiet. I worked till 4PM and got home in time to entertain a few friends for dinner and some cheer. Neighbor wanted to go for a short Christmas ride but things did not work out. Maybe we'll do that tonight. The moon is still full enough to light up the MUP and the teperatures are holding in the mid to low 40's. We will definitely do a New Year day ride. I'll be at work and will probably have enough daylight by then to resume my commute. We'll see.


  1. A Merry Christmas Hello! Congrats on the Tickets. That was super great of your wife. :) I know you will enjoy the concert, as all of André Rieu's concerts are wonderful.

    You can return the favor and bring your wife to our site, so she can share with and see all the other fans, stories, photos, and videos regarding Andre Rieu.

    www.AndreRieuFans.com (we've got a blog too!)

    I hope your day is wonderful, Everyday! Kindest Regards, Sally@AndreRieuFans.com

  2. Yeehaw! Congrats.

    And I scored awesome tickets to a touring show of "Sweeney Todd" for my birthday.

    (doing megahappy dance with white girl overbite)

  3. Very nice!

    Daylight enought to commute by New Years...I think I need to move south

  4. Impressive ticket score. But until you score tickets to The Wicked Good Band down to Sanford High Gym, you have not lived.

    Happy New Year!