Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just When You Think Things Are Coming Around.

Two pretty good snow storms whacked us last week. My usual rides near home have to be partly on the local MUP and a two mile section of sidewalk to cross the New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge. The problem is that the sidewalk does not get cleared.
The traffic on the bridge can get testy, and riding it is very chancy, especially on a holiday weekend. Very rarely does a biker use the road when the sidwalks are available.

During the melt, the previous plowing of the MUP causes deep frozen ruts, making riding impossible. The past few days have given some warming temperatures and the rain today and tomorrow should clear the path nicely for the weekend. Riding in the city during the holidays can really be nice. It's all decorated and there are lots of families walking around doing all kinds of Christmassy stuff.

When the MUP is passable it's time to ride. A nice riding weekend in store? Could be. The only downer is that the bridge sidewalks have not been touched. That means there is a two mile long foot thick ice ball in the equation.


  1. You be careful on those over passes. There was a nasty bike accident here in Toronto a few years back, where a guy clipped his handlebars on a pole and was thrown off his bike and over the side. It did not end well. But I do admire your ride all year round. I've given up the dream and am in the basement on the trainer going nowhere fast. I am definitly not die hard enough to ride all year round!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to ride! Have a Merry Christmas If I don't manage to get online in the craziness of the holiday weekend...I'm going to try to get a good long ride in...I'm close to 2000 miles and want to hit it before the end of the year (fingers crossed). Enjoy your riding! Be careful out there!

  3. Great photos, especially the bike in the snow.

    Around here, I've noticed that the bike path doesn't seem to get any attention at all. When there's snow or ice, it's much worse than the roads. I'm going to have to find a good way to avoid it that doesn't involve a big hill (not good in ice!) or riding on one of the busiest streets in town.